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Author Topic: BugFix Timeline
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Post BugFix Timeline
on: May 18, 2011, 15:46

We get several requests for bug fixes on various platforms and end up sending out the same information over, and over....and over again to our customers. Hopefully this post will clarify the bug fix timeline.

Day 0-3
The customer sends a bug with, hopefully, the phone make/model and android os version as well as reproduction steps. A few e-mails are usually exchanged back and forth between the customer and us to clarify any points missing from the initial e-mail.

If the bug is a known driver bug for the selected phone and there is no fix possible the thread usually terminates at this point and our list of known issues is updated for re-evaluation on that platform when a new android os update occurs. With the pace of handsets changing there are few handsets where an OTA (Over The Air) update occurs so driver bugs are usually never fixed.

If a new handset is released and there is a driver bug to patch we immediately add the phone make/model to our exclusion list, so no further downloads of the application occur for that phone model, and then update the bug listing to go debug the problem.

Day 4-N
Now we must obtain the phone to debug the issue. This is actually a very problematic process as there are a large number of android phones and we cannot afford to purchase them all. Honestly we usually target friends, and friends of friends, to see if anyone among the pool of people we know has the phone so we can borrow it to debug.

If all else fails in finding a friend we can bribe with pizza we then go out and purchase the phone to debug the issue and then return the model upon finishing out debug. This can take anywhere from 1day to several weeks depending on the availability of the device. A good example of this at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is not in stock at any of the retailers locally.

Day N+1
We release the bug patch immediately to the market regardless of current feature development status. This causes more frequent updates to the market than necessary but we want our customers to have as bug free of a experience as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and hopefully this will help many of the frequent questions we get regarding fixing a bug or status of bugs. In the next few months were going to roll out a public bug forum within the website which will allow users to submit and track status of bugs.

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