Original Flurry | Live Wallpaper

Iconic Mac screensaver wrapped up in a kid friendly to-go package

Ever since the days of yore young and old have enjoyed the vibrant colors and movement of the Flurry screensaver. Until this day only those of the Mac persuasion have had the privilege of easy access to such visual eye candy. We here at PopBox Studio say NO MORE to the isolation of a monumental work of art! Therefore we would like to introduce the Flurry Live Wallpaper available to-go on the Android platform.

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Original Flurry is available in both a free and paid version

Flurry is available as two products within the Android marketplace, a free and paid version. Both are found under the android marketplace as “Original Flurry”. Beware of imitators, there are several Flurry live wallpapers out there but none come close to the visual quality of Original Flurry. There are no animations, video, or other forms of dark magic here. Our live wallpaper is natively rendered on your platform allowing for a true visual experience.

Free Lunch

No matter what others will convince you of we believe in giving out a free lunch every once in a while. The free version of Original Flurry provides a sensual visual experience out of the box with minimal options for customization.

Why Pay?

The paid version of flurry takes the visual experience to another level with full customization of all settings allowing for fine tuning of the look, feel, and attitude of Flurry.


Settings Overview

Wow you can do that?

There are a number of settings that allow for customization of Flurry. If there are any features you don’t see here that would like to see in upcoming releases please go over to our support forum and post up a feature request!


The display settings allow for customization of the look, feel, and movement of Flurry.


The background option allows you to select any background from your Gallery to use as a background behind Flurry.


With 12 gorgeous preset color options and the ability to select a custom color of your choosing there is a near infinite selection of colors to choose from.

Stream Count

The stream count controls the number of particle streams rendered.

Star Speed

The star speed controls the speed at which Flurry moves within the screen.

Particle Speed

Controls the velocity of the particle streams generated, faster speeds cause longer particle paths and slower speeds restrict the particles distance from the star.


Want it bright or not? You can control the brightness of flurry to your hearts content.


Whether you like it thick or thin, we have a setting to handle your desire. No really, you can control the thickness of the particle streams, great right?


The interaction settings control user interaction with Flurry.

Touch Event

Flurry will respond to touch events on the screen by following your finger wherever you touch and can stay where you touch or resume rendering, both options customizable by the user.

Swipe Event (Beta)

When swiping across the screen Flurry will respond as if being dragged across the screen to follow where you are going.


The performance settings allow for fine tuning control over performance of Flurry with the rest of the Android system.

Battery Mode

Allows for selection of battery mode for Flurry which will control the rate at which Flurry is rendered, allowing for a reduced framerate with little impact to the look of Flurry but even more improved battery life.


Like what you see?

QR Codes for Original Flurry

To go directly to the android marketplace scan the QR codes with any of the barcode scanner applications for Android or click on the QR code image while browsing this page from your Android smartphone.

Original Flurry Pro

Original Flurry Free