Bubbles | Live Wallpaper

They bounce, trounce, and really have fun

The most happy go lucky bouncing live wallpaper with endless fun for everyone. Bubbles bounce, move, and groove across your screens while changing color and interacting with one another. We are excited to introduce the Bubbles live wallpaper available on all android platforms.



Bubbles is available in both a free and paid version

Bubbles is available as two products in the marketplace, Bubbles *Free Edition*, and Bubbles Pro. The free edition allows you to dip your toe in the water and try out bubbles with our favorite rendering settings and the ability to adjust the background.

Why Pay?

The paid version of Bubbles unleashes the full depth of customization to the wallpaper allowing you to tune both the look and feel in endless combinations. Check out the settings below!


Settings Overview

There are a number of settings that allow for customization of Bubbles. If there are any features you don’t see here that would like to see in upcoming releases please go over to our support forum and post up a feature request!


The display settings allow for customization of the look and feel of Bubbles.


The background option allows you to select any background from your Gallery to use as a background behind the bubbles.

Bubble Radius

The radius determines the size of the bubbles rendered.

Color Strength

The strength controls how much the bubbles are blending into the background. Higher the strength the more defined the bubbles are.

Color Increment

Controls how quickly the color changes for the bubbles.

Shadow Strength

The shadow strength determines how visible the shadows are underneath the bubbles.

Number of Bubbles

Combined with the bubble radius, this setting determines the number of bubbles rendered on the screen.



Touch any bubble on the screen to stop its movement. When you want the bubble to start moving again tap it!


Pop the bubbles by tapping on them and watch as they get sucked into a swirling vortex. You can add bubbles back by tapping on an open area in the background until no more bubbles can be added.


The settings which control the underlying physics engine.

Wall Bounce

When a bubble bounces off the wall of the screen this setting will determine how much velocity is gained or lost as a result. At the min value the velocity is neutralized while at the max the velocity is slightly amplified.


Controls how much the bubbles bounce off of one another.


When not respecting the phone orientation, each bubble is affected by a gravity field. This setting controls how strong the gravity field is for each of the bubbles and as a result determines how fast the bubbles can move.


If selected, bubbles uses the phones current orientation to control the gravity field.


Like what you see?

QR Codes for Bubbles

To go directly to the android marketplace scan the QR codes with any of the barcode scanner applications for Android or click on the QR code image while browsing this page from your Android smartphone.

Bubbles Pro

Bubbles *Free Edition*


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