Another quick blog post, as always  :-), to cover the small updates released in flurry 2.2.3. Some users complained about pixelation on several of the newer devices released this year, this was due to two factors:

1. For some of the new phones the linear sampling used to allow us to upscale the rendered content is broken on several of the phones

2. Due to GL limitations we are forced into power of two sizes, and on most phones both power of 2 and square dimensions, and the newer aspect ratios were causing smaller than necessary targets for rendering

Solving this problem generically poses an interesting problem for us, as by enforcing maximum quality will sometimes cause GL issues on phones that are not well tested with larger resource dimensions. A decision was made to re-code the algorithms to maintain the speed you have come to love while maintaining the rendering quality needed to ensure the best looking flurry on any device.

An unfortunate side effect of this change is that some of the older devices on the market that are not well tested, the old droid still works (what a rock solid phone, and supported neon, man we have gone downhill from that point!), and while we have tested a range of devices before release, we will continue to  patch any GL issues that come up. So send your feedback to us via e-mail, and thanks for all the continued support for Original Flurry!


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