Bringing back the rock & roll, in the 2.1 release we brought out a major new feature of seamless rendering for up to 5 flurries and re-tuned part of the rendering algorithm to improve performance.

Free Updates

Everything is free

All flurry features are now ad supported in the free version, including the addition of:

  • Multiple Flurry Rendering
  • Background Image
  • Custom Color
  • Swipe & Touch Events

If you would like a permission and ad free experience we now offer a donation version of flurry that is ad free.

Upcoming is release 2.1.1 which will patch a few phone bugs, including the notorious Nexus S residue driver bug, and look for that in the next couple of weeks. Following this release will be a 2.1.5 which will introduce yet another secret rendering mode. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or post up in the forum. For more information about Flurry head on over to the product page.


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