Back and better than ever, in the 2.0 release we have incorporated several customer requests into a massive new release with additional features for the free and paid version.

Free Updates

Yes you will get more for free

Prior to 2.0 users had no settings control and this was reserved only for the paid version of the application. In 2.0 we have added in AD supported settings controls for the free version allowing for control over the:

  • Stream Color
  • Stream Count
  • Start Speed
  • Particle Speed
  • Thickness
  • Brightness

This represents a major extension of functionality for the free version and we want to thank the roughly 300k users who have provided great feedback and helped make our product even better.

Paid Updates

All your requests rolled into one

For 2.0 we took the major customer requests and created an update to handle all feature requests including:

  • All features added for free version in 2.0 including brightness control
  • Custom stream color as an extension to the already existing 12 custom color modes
  • Selection of a background image from the gallery to use as a background behind Flurry
  • Improved battery performance phone compatibility

Original Flurry 2.0 will release near the end of January so look for the update in the marketplace and as always please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or post up in the forum. For more information about Flurry head on over to the product page.


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