About Us

So you want to know a little bit about PopBoxStudio?

PopBox Studio was formed by a couple of veteran graphics developers looking to express their creative outlets outside of their day to day jobs in corporate america. The goal of the studio is to create a culture where you look upon your peers not as competition for your future, but people who you can trust, support, and grow with as you grow and develop your talents. To establish a new corporate culture we have created the following philosophy:

Question The Norm

In short, nothing is perfect. Regardless of the current process, tools, or environment, anything and everything can and should be improved. As developers and mentors the best attitude we can have is to be open to change, listen, evaluate, and integrate if possible to improve the way we work, or interact. We support a culture where you are not afraid to “Question The Norm” and embrace an environment where direct constructive criticism is welcomed.

Get Paid What You Earn

There are no salaries in the Studio, and yes I’ll repeat, no salaries. The pay structure of the company is designed to reward those who bring ideas to life and no-one else. What this means is each developer, artist, or other individual involved in a product is paid as a generous portion of that products sales based on the work contributed to the product. For talented individuals the pay in this situation is much higher than what traditional corporate america can offer.

Visible Pay

A stigma seems to surround what people earn within the corporate environment. This often occurs through aggressive hiring practices that will place a higher monetary value on incoming talent over existing employees. Therefore is it usually considered a “no-no” to talk salary in the office which sometimes causes strife when true salaries are found out for new employees. We believe the exact opposite, you should know what you and your co-workers earn and it should be clear at all levels within the company, no surprises.

Keep It Simple

Whether it be communication, process, design, or any of the many components of our daily life, complication only stands in the way of progress. We want to spend our time expressing our creativity by creating fantastic products, not complaining about office politics, tools we are forced to use, or any of the numerous gripes that take away from creation and productivity.

Keep It Personal

One of the major downfalls of modern corporations is growth. While lucrative to shareholders extensive growth almost always hurts employees, whether it be from reduced perks, cramped offices, or loss of pay. We want a personal corporation where the C.E.O knows everyone’s name, role, and personal history because at the end of the day you are the foundation of this company.

contact information

Blake Taylor (C.E.O)robert.taylor’at’popboxstudio.com
David McCloskey (V.P)david.mccloskey’at’popboxstudio.com